Math2Braille - Making Maths Accessible

Release Version Dated 24th February 2005

Updated Technical description of component files and section on providing support for unknown symbols.


DLL set

These are files which communicate with the various hardware, software and windows components required for the software to work. These contain interfaces automatically generated by the core to the content models outlined in the source code. These allow the variables to be accessed by the XML structure which control the various functionalities of the software. 

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Input filter for MathType:

The basic process, is to compare the MathML input with the W3C definition of MathML. The discrepancies, are then handled by an XSLT file(MathTypeOutputAdapter.xslt) which creates virtual entities. Entities are then removed, and added until the input meets the W3c requirements.

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Client XML dictionaries

This provides the templates for specific client dictionaries. Dutch is currently integrated with the interface, but the system is designed in such a way that several different sets of protocols are available. These change of protocols are extremely detailed. This Folder works with the Generic XML Database(XMLDB folder - see below), to form an extremely adaptable preference system to the output.

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Output Component

This is where the output is saved to and also where several files governing the different stages of the output are stored.(See below)

XML Database

This is the core of the adaptability for the system. Almost any change in preferences can be made using these XML files. There is a large volume of code, but the files are set out in such away that adaptations and additional protoolcs should be easily integrated with what is currently there.

Appendix A - .Software tree structure

The folder " Math2Braille" is the root of the software structure, here you will find:

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In the folder "ClientXMLDB" you will find information additional to the information in XMLDB(See below) which is client specific:

The folder " MathTypeAdapterXMLDB” ensures that input from MathType is formatted correctly for the software. Here you will find:

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The folder " Output” deals with the output of the software. The output ascii is stored in here, as is the HTML which controls the output window. In this folder you will find all the files created when a Braille conversion is made, or when a Transformation is saved. This includes ascii text and also HTML files which define how the file is viewed in the window of the GUI.

The folder " XMLDB” provides the software with the definitions of generic protocols and of the FNB protocols. These XML files allow almost any adaptation to be made to the output.. Here you will find:

The folder " XmlDB-old" contains legacy code, as the current " XMLDB” folder is currently under Debug.

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