Math2Braille - Making Maths Accessible

Release Version Dated 24th February 2005

Updated Technical description of component files and section on providing support for unknown symbols.

Run the software

To launch the software double click on the Math2Braille[Version Number].exe

The Interface window will then appear:

Figure 1: Empty Interface

The interface is three screens, separate by the tabs at the bottom:

The Input MathML window allows you to:

The output Window allows you to:

The Log journal Window allows you to:

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Inputting a file

To input files.

Figure 2: Window with MathML file entered

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Converting a file

To convert a file:

Figure 3: Progress bar with functionality.

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Viewing Output

To view output:

Figure 4:Output window displaying output

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Using the Log journal

In the “log journal window” the user can:

Figure 5:Log journal showing Flagged error at decoding stage

Figure 6: Log journal for a successful conversion

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Changing Printer settings

Figure 7:Print options dialogue box

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Support for Unknown Symbols

As requested, this version of the software is able to recognise undefined symbols which have no Braille Transcription associated with them. If the user choose, they can assign a specific Braille code to an unknown symbol.

The unknown symbols are flagged when they are processed while he progress bar is on screen. If unknown symbols are found the following Dialog box appears:

On the left of the dialog box, the unknown symbols are listed. When these are selcted, a Braille atom and description can be inserted. This is then saved locally in the file, BrailleDictUnknown.xml bside the route. This is a simple XML file which can be set up to communicate with any system required. Alternatively a master version fo this file can be distributed with the system which will stop the dialog box appearing for all unknown symbols defined by the inhouse production administrator.(Or whoever has authority)

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